Low FODMAP passionfruit, sponge, macadamia and kefir pudding

I’ve always loved tangy passionfruit and it’s ability to transport you from a cold, rainy kitchen to a hot, tropical world. Something about it feels so exotic and although it’s not exactly local to the UK, good quality imports are conveniently in abundance when our summer fruits are out of season.

Here I’ve paired passionfruit with crunchy macadamia nuts, whipped cream, vanilla sponge and some kefir for good measure. You could make one big trifle-style pud if you wanted, but I really like how they look in individual glasses, topped with a final spoonful of juicy passionfruit and perfect for sharing with friends.

Low FODMAP kefir and macadamia nut puddings
FODMAP friendly passionfruit and kefir pudding

I had the best weekend last weekend back at home in the countryside, with Rob and my fam. We went on a breathtakingly sunny and snowy 8 mile walk (with a pub visit somewhere in the middle!) and it was as if we were in a winter wonderland. I came back to London feeling refreshed and ready for a new week.

As expected back in London the minimal snow quickly turned into rain… and this week’s been another crazy one. But these Passionfruit, kefir and macadamia puds have been cheering me right up.

Why have I used kefir yogurt?

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria found in fermented foods and when we eat them they can offer a range of health benefits including improved digestion and gut health. Kefir is fermented milk and Yeo Valley have a new delicious yogurt range that I love – here’s a great page on their website about how it can help make our tums feel good.

1 tablespoon of kefir (23g) has been labelled low FODMAP on the Monash University app – I’ve used this quantity per person here, but as always you know your gut and body best. 3 tablespoons contains medium amounts of lactose so if you can handle more, add more. If you know you’re not great with lactose you could always sub in lactose free yogurt for the time being or try and find a lactose-free kefir yogurt instead.

I’m always trying to find IBS-friendly ways to boost my gut health following the low FODMAP diet, where I’m aware I’ve had to restrict my gut from some of the good stuff it loves. Not only are these puds simple ways for me to add a tiny bit of extra goodness into my diet, they taste bloomin’ delicious too.

Low FODMAP passionfruit and kefir puds

Recipe notes:

You could use dairy cream in place of lactose-free cream if you’re able to tolerate a small amount and you could try the recipe with different nuts too
Whip this recipe up in advance and chill in the fridge for several hours so they’re perfect for easy entertaining
When buying passion fruit look for ones with wrinkled skins, this shows that they’re ripe and will have the best flavour

10 minutes
Serves 6


150ml lactose-free cream
150g kefir yogurt (I used Yeo Valley Mango & Passionfruit)
About 150g gluten-free vanilla sponge cake
6 passionfruit
80g toasted macadamias, roughly chopped


In a medium bowl, whisk the cream to soft peaks. Cut the sponge cake into slices or break into pieces.

To assemble the puds, divide the kefir between 6 small cups or glasses. Remove the pulp from passionfruit and spoon two-three of tablespoons into each cup. Scatter half the macadamias between the cups, then add the sponge cake, pushing it gently to edges of the cups, making a cake layer.

Top the cake layer with the whipped cream, followed by the remaining passionfruit pulp and the macadamias. Chill for 20 minutes or so before serving.

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