Gluten free chocolate chip banana bread

This may just be my absolute favourite thing I’ve ever baked. Chocolaty, full of flavour and just so so good this banana bread lasted all of one evening in my uni house. The simple recipe means it takes no time to make and would be perfect to whip up if you had friends over, were after an indulgent breakfast or just a perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

As it looks a lot prettier in its original form than it would typed out – please see below the amazing recipe from Karlie Kloss. In order to make it low-FODMAP and dairy-free I simply swapped the agave nectar for maple syrup, the almond milk for rice milk and made my dark chocolate dairy-free. I also used coconut oil instead of rapeseed just as I prefer the taste!

Nb. After 35 minutes mine still wasn’t cooked through as I had a narrower and deeper loaf tin – if this is the case just whack some foil on the top and keep checking every ten minutes or so! Mine was perfect after an hour.

Karlie Kloss banana bread