Low FODMAP blueberry corn muffins

Rich and fluffy and golden blueberry corn muffins! Like regular blueberry muffins except sunnier.

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Low FODMAP sweetcorn, tomato and feta frittata

Today’s recipe is a simple one, for a sweetcorn, tomato and feta frittata. One of my favourite things to cook in the summer months, it’s super versatile and a great way to reduce food waste.

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FODMAP friendly s’mores bars

Sticky, gooey, sweet s’mores bars, that are pure indulgence, with a cookie dough like base, a layer of dark chocolate and then a layer of sticky, fluffy marshmallows.

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Low FODMAP watercress pesto

Punchy watercress pesto. A new addition to the ‘things I like to spread on toast’ or stir through ribbons of gluten free pasta.

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The Fodmap
Friendly Kitchen

Chosen by the Telegraph and the Evening Standard as one of the best healthy eating books of 2017

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