3-ingredient tomato chutney

I’m very excited to share this recipe for the simplest 3-ingredient tomato chutney. Sweet, jammy and low FODMAP(!) it’s pure magic with cheese, meats, in sandwiches, with quiche… you get the gist. Spread liberally and enjoy.

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Herby mustard new potato and green bean salad with jammy eggs

New potatoes are in season right now and not only are they cheap, versatile and low FODMAP, they are delicious. Just as good served with butter and a sprinkle of salt as they are with a more punchy dressing like this lemony mustard one, they give me the spring/summer feels and I hope, in this recipe, bring a bit of joy to you too.

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My favourite podcasts to cook to

Podcasts have always made me feel creative and excited about my work. Right now they’re helping me think about anything other than the news (as well as zone out from Rob’s loud work calls in our current joint office/dining room/at home gym situ).┬áHere are some of my favourites.

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The best cooking classes you can do from home

I’ve always found joy through food, but I’m feeling it now more than ever. And thanks to this list – the best online cooking classes and Instagram Lives you can do from home right now – there’s ideas out there aplenty.

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The Fodmap
Friendly Kitchen

Chosen by the Telegraph and the Evening Standard as one of the best healthy eating books of 2017

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