Health Bloggers Community 2.0 launchLast week I was too excited to spot an email in my inbox from the lovely Lauren at Health Bloggers Community, inviting me to their latest event.

An opportunity to celebrate the launch of the new version of the We are Health Bloggers (the Health Bloggers Community) website and to take part in an awesome yoga session from the team at eco-friendly yoga clothing brand Wellicious, I was quick to reply to the invite with a resounding ‘yes’.

Health Bloggers Community 4After warm hellos and hugs, me and my sister quickly found ourselves in downward dog and one sweaty hour later awesome Jivamukti Yoga teacher and Wellicious Ambassador, Nicole Heller, had made us both chilled – and ready for food!

In the gorgeous white room that is normally the Wellicious show room, dairy free, gluten free, vegan OkoBay ice-cream appeared and we tried our hardest not to inhale it ( so good) while founder of Health Bloggers Community, Fab, introduced the new changes and tweaks to the platform, and gave us the low down on more exciting collaborations coming up.

Following this, we had a chance to browse (and shop!) the gorgeous Wellicious collection before catching up with each other and meeting new fellow bloggers before a raffle was held, with money raised going towards Beat UK. Third prize was a Hopps and Woolf Milk Maker and guess who’s name was read out…! You can’t get anything out of my fridge right now without having to scale jars upon jars of plant milk – it’s incredible. Keep your eyes peeled for two of my favourite nut milk recipes coming to the blog soon!

Health Bloggers Community 2.0 launchIf you haven’t been to an event or don’t know who Health Bloggers Community are, you can check them out here. I can’t recommend joining the community and events enough – both give you such a great opportunity to talk to and meet other food and health warriors, to learn all about blogging and to collaborate with the latest brands in the health and wellness space!

Plus they’re fun! If you’re London based or near, interested in all things health, blogging and wellness and up for a great couple of hours you won’t regret going.

Health Bloggers CommunitySo with my new Hopps and Woolf milk maker strapped to my back, my Wellicious purchases clutched to my chest and my incredible goodie bag full of treats from Positivitea, Dynabites, Lifebox Food Co and more, me and my sister left with pretty big grins and ready to get our nut milk onnnn.

Health Bloggers Community 2.0 launchAll photographs above taken by the awesome Jess from Nourishing Jessica.

Health Bloggers Community 2.0 launch