Symprove review gut health

You might have seen my previous post about Symprove, a water-based supplement that contains 4 unique strains of live activated bacteria, designed to help you achieve a healthy balance in your gut. Everyone in the gut health community is talking about it and how brilliant it is – and there’s plenty of science to back up their claims too.

I’m trialling Symprove’s 12 week programme and I’ve had tonnes of questions from you guys on social media asking if I’m noticing a difference. Some of you have never heard of it and want to know more, while others of you are on the fence because you’re not sure whether it’s right for you.

So I thought it might be the perfect time for an update.

Week 1
If I’m completely honest, a week into taking Symprove and it all went a bit downhill. Symprove state on their website that “Occasionally customers have reported a loosening of stools during the first few days of drinking Symprove.” Naturally, that was me. My gut was clearly in its own happy little bubble and suddenly introducing a big amount of good stuff must have given it the shock of its life. I’m assured though, that this is usually quite normal as it means the bacteria are busy at work! So I’ll take it. The price we pay for a happy gut ‘eh.

Weeks 2 & 3
In the second and third week of the programme it felt like my gut was trying to find a new rhythm. With a pack of Imodium in my back pocket for good luck, I continued to take a shot every morning and adjusted my diet to include more foods I knew were fully within my tolerance levels to keep my sensitive gut as happy as possible. I reached week three before my stomach seemed to properly settle back down and I started to get in the groove.

Weeks 4 & 5
Overall, I felt a bit more bloated every now and then, but in a way that felt like my gut was doing good stuff and getting to work nourishing itself. I became a bit more lax with foods and found myself able to tolerate a slightly higher amount of FODMAP containing foods than before.

Drinking Symprove was never an issue. It easily slipped into my morning routine and I genuinely woke up excited to give my body a shot of goodness in the morning, knowing my gut was going to be having a good time.

Week 6
Reaching mid-way through the course I have to admit I’m a huge fan of the stuff. I love knowing that I’m helping to boost and look after my gut in today’s hectic world and I’m excited to see how I’ll feel over the next six weeks!

Symprove review gut health

So how exactly does Symprove look after your gut?

Well, my sensitive gut comrades, let us have a quick look at the microbiome.

The microbiome is the internal ecosystem of bacteria living within our gastrointestinal tract that plays a critical role in our digestion, immune system, mood, and more. Your microbiome is truly individual to you and scientists estimate there are around 1000 species of different bacteria that can live our guts.

Think of your gut like a garden. You’re after something diverse, lush and green, rather than a dry, deserted wasteland as new research suggests the balance of microbes living in your gut can affect everything from asthma and irritable bowel syndrome, to anxiety and depression. The idea is that if we take care of our bacteria (aka nourish and water our gut garden) they will take care of us.

Where does Symprove come in?

Symprove is a probiotic and probiotics are live microorganisms that can change the composition of our ‘gut gardens’ when consumed in certain amounts.

Every 70mls of Symprove contains more than 10 billion live, active bacteria. The four unique strains of bacteria in Symprove work in synergy to ensure they thrive in the intestines and targeted areas of your gut quickly and effectively, helping you to achieve a healthy balance in your gut bacteria.

Although I’m a huge advocate of the low FODMAP diet for IBS and now follow a modified version of the diet, having worked out my own personal tolerances, I’m also aware that I no longer eat a lot of particular foods that are good for my gut – such as onion and garlic for example. Doing Symprove’s 12 Week Programme is an opportunity to replenish my gut and make sure it’s got all of the nourishment it needs!

What do you guys think? Have you tried Symprove? Let me know in the comments below or head over to my Instagram @shecanteatwhat! According to Symprove, many clinicians have used Symprove alongside the FODMAP diet with great results. Have a chat to your GP or dietitian about the two working together.

This post was in partnership with Symprove. Opinions (and experience!) entirely my own.

Symprove review gut health